YouGem - providing a platform for new artists to promote themselves and start earning monies on their music

What we will do for you?

  • Register with us as an early adopter and receive preferential rates for however long you are with us – no tie-ins and maximum earning potential
  • We will place your music on our YouTube channels according to your specified genre(s) and suitability to other music on those channels
    • Collectively benefiting from other artist’s fans subscribing to the channels you are on
  • We will help with your social media – Twitter / Facebook presence and by monitoring your likes, views and tweets through our systems we will allocate points for each

What we will do for you?

  • Reach specific target point levels to receive additional free services such as:
    • Placement on iTunes, Spotify and other digital services we partner with
    • PCD production and distribution throughout our network
  • If you have full rights in the music we will promote you for licensing income
    • (synchronisation of your music) placement in Films, TV, Advertising etc
  • Online access to your account, with live statistics on monies earnt, points gained
  • Demo area
    • Present your demos/songs to our associated record labels and publishers – industry leading companies
    • Get assistance in securing a record deal when labels express interest

Why us?

  • We have been providing solutions for the Music Industry’s leading record labels and publisher for over 20 years with some of the country’s most successful artists being accounted through our software
  • Your tracks will be sitting alongside some of these customers music that also utilise ourportal for digital and physical distribution
  • We have established international relationships with overseas distributors / record labels, publishers and societies
  • Record labels are still being inundated with demo tapes/CDs/Digital tracks – we are providing our labels with a unique way to filter through the millions of songs and listen in to our streams whilst looking at an artists social media statistics